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Coach’s Corner- CrossFit February Volume Cycle-Monthly Focus Pull Ups

Great job everyone in completing the last 3 month CrossFit cycle. We saw many increases in strength and endurance, while also focusing on individual skill work.

Monthly Focus-Pull Ups and Volume Cycle!

VOLUME CYCLE-Heavy Singles, Newbies do 5×5/5×3
M-TH-F (STRENGTH Basic Lifts (Upper Body/Lower Body/Total body and Oly) (Short to Medium Metcons, High Intensity)
Tues-Longer Metcons, Medium Intensity, some partner metcons
W-Stations Accessory Work/Isolation Movements/Not for time, focusing on form
F-Olympic Lifts/Medium to Longer Metcons
Sat-Team WODS!
Sunday-Endurance/Skill Work

General Focus is on Heavy Singles with the basic lifts/oly, while emphasizing volume and accessory work (isolated). Longer metcons this month. Newbies and athletes just coming off of on ramp do 5×5 instead of Heavy Singles (coach discretion) to build strength and focus on mechanics/consistency.
Push athletes to get their first strict pull ups!

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