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Coach’s Corner-Programming Focus for November/December 2014 /January 2015

This past Monday we started our next 3 month CrossFit GPP/Strength Biased Cycle and we will be following the below format:




High Bar Back Squat
METCON (Conditioning)
10-15 mins


Long Metcons

Deadlift  (every other week)

Front Squat  (every other week)

METCON (Conditioning)
10-12 mins


Push Press/ Jerks/Bench Press/Strict Press (every Thursday) (Upper Body Barbell)

METCON (Conditioning)
10-15 mins


Olympic Lifting (Snatch/Clean and Jerk)
METCON (Conditioning)


Team/Partner Workouts

20-25mins Metcons (Conditioning)


Gymnastic /Running/Rowing
Metcon/Endurance (Conditioning)


We will continue with GPP/Strength Biased percentage based linear programming with volume/intensity increasing weekly. At the end of December we will have Max Week, with a deload week 1 week prior. For the next 2 months we are focusing on the basic barbell lifts and keeping the Olympic Lifts to Fridays. We will also be ramping up the movements/intensity/volume as we go forward. The metcons will be comprised of couplets, triplets, EMOM, Tabata’s, Benchmark/Hero WODs, etc . We will commonly test progress through benchmarks, such as the CrossFit Total (CFT) and the WOD “Baseline” for example, as well as testing various “maxes” during the cycles.  As you can see, the workouts are spread over all CrossFit modalities, incorporating elements from weightlifting, gymnastics, and mono-structural cardiovascular activities and include both shorter and longer WODs.


The Olympic Lifting Programming (Barbell 580) is open to anyone who has attended the Barbell Classes and has clearance from the Olpympic Lifting Coaches, (Christina or Erik). Members can use the regular CrossFit WOD time and will NOT be coached by the scheduled CrossFit Coach for that class. The Olympic Lifitng Strength and Conditioning program is for advanced lifters who want to focus on adding pure dynamic strength, with minimal conditioning.


The Boot Camp 580 Conditioning Program will continue to grow and is open for everyone to attend! No pre requisite /on ramp required.

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