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Crossover Symmetry H.I.I.T. at CrossFit 580, Livermore, California

Crossover Symmetry H.I.I.T System now at CrossFit 580 in Livermore, California.

The Crossover Symmetry H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) System was engineered and developed by top sports physical therapy experts, athletes, and coaches. The goal is to facilitate safe and efficient shoulder mechanics, reduce the risk of shoulder injury, and improve overhead performance. The H.I.I.T system addresses the specific needs, time constraints, and demands of the CrossFit™ athlete by combining the three phases of the Crossover Symmetry System (Activation, Recovery, and Plyometric), along with IRON SCAP, the high intensity scapular strengthening program. The Crossover Symmetry H.I.I.T system is currently being used by the best CrossFit™ athletes and coaches all over the world to prevent shoulder injury and to achieve peak performance.

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