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TUESDAY 2/17/15

590CrossFit WOD
Run 800m
KB Warm Up

Teams of 2 complete:

10,000/7000 (scaled) total pounds lifted Shoulder to Overhead any way
150 Kipping Pull ups
200 Two Handed KB Clean (M-53#/ W-35#)

Complete in any order. While one partner works on the workout , the other partner will complete 7 Burpees. Once the Burpees are complete , they will switch places. Teammates set a strategy and choose the weights according to class/teammate skill level. Beginners, use a scaled weight set by coach.

22 min cap


Boot Camp WOD

5 Min EMOM Buy In: 5 Burpee Wall Balls
Rest of minute ME Singles or Doubles

– 1 min rest-

5 Min EMOM Buy In: 5 Ring Ab Roll Outs
Rest of Minute ME Mountain Climbers

-1 min rest-

5 Min EMOM Buy In: 5 Dive Bombers
Rest of minute ME Jump Squats

-1 min rest-

5 Min EMOM Buy In: 5 Walk Outs
Rest of minute: KB Russian Swings

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