Allen L. Pleasanton, CA 7/18/2013


Allen L. Pleasanton, CA 7/18/2013

I joined CrossFit 580 about three months ago. As an out-of-shape, middle aged guy, it was a bit intimidating walking in the door the first time. I’m glad we did because it has been a great experience.

Joy took my wife and I through the on ramp process which shows you how to do the exercises safely and really gave me confidence that I could do the workouts. For every difficult exercise, she had modifications that would make it so someone of any fitness level could do the exercise.

My chosen time to go was 6 AM class. Pete coaches that class. First thing you notice is it was a great group of people. Everyone pushing hard. Everyone encouraging the each other. Pete keeps a careful eye both for people doing the exercises safely and makes sure no slacking off. Every time I finished a workout, I really felt like I did something great for my body. Wasn’t long before I started seeing results.

I’d recommend this type of workout to anybody. Working out with a group and a coach is a much more interesting and fun experience that solemnly working out alone at the bigger gyms in the area. You will push harder and see better results in the group workout than most people will see working out on their own. I would particularly recommend this gym because you will like the staff and coaches, you will like the simple yet effective facility, and you will like the variety great people you will end up working out with.