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Allyson Bronis

  • Yoga 580 Instructor
  • RYT-200
  • Kids Yoga 95HR


My name is Ally Bronis. My first taste of yoga and mindfulness began 10 years ago in Long Beach, Ca. After seasons of feeling the freedom and inspiration to explore my own asana practice, I began understanding the way my body and energy move and their connection with my mind. It wasn’t long after I started experimenting with meditation. Once I committed to adding vinyasa flow and mindfulness to my routine, naturally I became introduced to deeper aspects of health and wellness. When I saw and truly believed that health and wellness can be accessible to everyone, I knew studying yoga and yoga philosophy would be my next path.

I received my 200HR YTT in July 2017 and completed a 95HR certification in Kid’s Yoga certification in April 2018. Both certifications were completed at Mount Madonna Institute in Santa Cruz, CA. The teachings were passed down from Baba Hari Dass, a Yoga Master in classical Ashtanga Yoga (Eight Limbs). The Eight Limbs of Yoga describe external and internal practices to help us achieve the ultimate goal of peace within the body and a deeper sense of awareness as we experience life. Since my training in 2017, I’ve been teaching vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, chair yoga, slow flow, pranayama, and meditation. I’ve also mentored and assisted in teaching Mount Madonna’s 200HR Summer Intensive Yoga Teacher’s Training. I tend to focus heavily on how and why we move our bodies and its response to energy while incorporating mindfulness techniques.

My lifestyle “routine” constantly changes and adapts to seasons and varying times of day so that I can remain in balance and keep my body healthy for optimal functioning. I run, hike, swim, take cycling classes, strength train, kick box, take pilates and barre, HIIT, and have my home practice as well. I love taking classes from all types of teachers to keep the inspiration flowing and bring as much experience and knowledge to students as possible. My goal for any project or class is to connect back home to ourselves and celebrate our humanness, realness, and rawness! Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout my short time here on Earth is that there is only one of YOU. And the universe needs you. And that REAL YOU, is home. It’s love. It’s our super power.