April Competition Recap


April Competition Recap

April Competition Recap

April Competition Recap:

Congratulations to Chris Patrick (first ever competition) for finishing 7th overall out of 80 men’s competitors at the P-Town Beatdown. Great job!

Congratulations to Jamie, Candice, and Ashely for also representing strong and finishing all within the top 60, out 150 woman at the P-Town Beatdown. Awesome job ladies for your first competition!

Please also join me in congratulating Coach Cece for a great/strong showing at a  recent USAW Oly Lifting meet in Napa.

Cece went 4 for 6 Lifts, giving her a new Official total of 154, placing her 3rd & taking home the bronze medal!
Click here for video highlights:
Snatch attempts:

71kg/156lbs (missed)

Clean & Jerk attempts:

90kg/198lbs (got the clean but missed the jerk)

Thank you to everyone who supports our athletes and coaches , making our wonderful community focused on one another and results.