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CrossFit 580 • CrossFit & Fitness in Livermore California

April Lombardo

Group Fitness Intructor

I never really thought much about fitness until I met CrossFit 580 two and a half years ago.  I can honestly say that it changed my life.  I wasn’t overweight but I also didn’t know what being “in shape” really was.  The transformation I saw in myself both physically and emotionally was amazing.  I’ve not looked back once!

After falling in love with it I wanted to channel my energy and passion into coaching.  I was certified in April of 2013 as a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.  My main reason for getting certified is to instill the love and passion I have for CrossFit into others.

My journey with CrossFit and CrossFit 580 has been nothing short of amazing and I look forward to all the new members that walk through the box doors!

  • CrossFit Trainer Level 1 Certification- April 2013
  • CPR/AED Certified