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Brian Howell

CrossFit Coach

Brian is a transplant from Idaho via a two year stent in Virginia and has been CrossFitting sense 2014. After getting burnt out from a decade of ultra endurance athletics he decided to try something new that would allow him to maintain optimal health, require fewer training hours, develop new skills, and has been a Crossfit enthusiast ever sense. He has 2 degrees from Brigham Young University and Boise State University in Business Administration and Marketing and works as a Marketing Manager at a large Bio Pharmaceutical company in the Bay. He loves spending time with his amazing wife and 5 kids both in and out of the gym. Brian has completed multiple Ironman distance triathlons, ultra marathons, marathons, Spartans, Tough Mudders, and competed at several Crossfit competitions. His history includes triathlon coaching, Total Immersion Swim coaching, Chi Running coaching, diet/nutrition counseling, race directing, is a level 1 Crossfit Coach, and has had the opportunity to coach at a few different boxes over the years as he has relocated for work.