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Athlete Spotlight

Kyle Karns – January 2019 Check In! (June 2017 Athlete of the Month!)

Check out Kyle Karns January 2019 Progress Photo!! Kyle was our June 2017 Athlete of the Month and has consistently shown up to class, listened to the coaches, dialed in his nutrition and DID THE WORK WITH NO EXCUSES! Great job Kyle! Anyone can do it, it’s up to you to show up a
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  Name: Joe Ortega Hometown: Livermore CA Age: 32 Started CrossFit: April 2017 Favorite Movement: Work in progress Double Unders Least Favorite Movement: Thrusters / Air Bike Tell us about your fitness/lifestyle background: I grew up my entire life playing baseball and soccer so
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    Name: Melody Bertolucci   Hometown: Livermore   Age: 48   Started CrossFit580: July 2014   Favorite Movement: Deadlifts and Back squats   Least Favorite Movement: Overhead squats and snatches   Tell us about your fitness/lifestyle background
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Name:  Chad Noble Hometown:  Livermore Age: 43 Started CrossFit 580:  July 2016 Favorite Movement:  Toes to Bar Least Favorite Movement:  Wall Balls Tell us about your fitness/lifestyle background: In elementary and high school, I was a super active kid.  I loved to swim, ski (water a
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  Name: Grace Wolk Hometown: Livermore Age: 40 Started Crossfit580: May 2015 Favorite Movement: Back squat Least Favorite Movement: Wall balls /Thrusters Tell us about your fitness/lifestyle background: Fitness has been a big part of my personal life; as a child growing up, as a
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Angelo Taylor-March 2018 Member Spotlight

Congratulations to our March Member of the Month, Angelo Taylor!  Keep up the great work Angelo!  Name:  Angelo Taylor Hometown:  Livermore, CA Age:  28 Started CrossFit 580:  May 2017 Favorite movement:  Kettlebell Swings Least favorite movement:  Burpee Box Jumps, walking lunges Tel
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Michael Razo – August 2017 Athlete Spotlight

Congratulations to Michael D. Razo, our August Athlete of the Month! Name: Michael Razo Hometown: Milpitas, CA Age: 33 Started CrossFit 580:  August 2016 Favorite movement: Bench Press and Running Least favorite movement:  Burpee’s over anything Tell us about your fitness/lifest
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Kate Young – July 2017 Athlete Spotlight

It’s time again to announce our Athlete of the Month! A HUGE congratulations to Kate Young, our July Athlete of the Month! Keep up the great work!….check out her transformation story below! Name: Kate Young Hometown: Macon, GA originally, but now Livermore! Age: 27 Started
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Kyle Karns – June 2017 Athlete Spotlight

Congratulations to Kyle Karns for our June Athlete of the Month! Keep up the great work work Kyle, you have accomplished so much in your first 3 months here at CrossFit 580. Your hard work and dedication is inspirational!  #fitnesscommunityresults Name: Kyle Karns   Hometown: Livermor
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Candice Murray – May 2017 Athlete Spotlight

Congratulations to our May Athlete of the Month – Candice Murray!       Name: Candice Murray Hometown: Cambria, CA Age: 36 Started CrossFit 580: May 2012 Favorite movement: Double Unders Least favorite movement: Box jumps and Rowing. Tell us about your fitness/lif
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