Name:  Chad Noble


Age: 43

Started CrossFit 580:  July 2016

Favorite Movement:  Toes to Bar

Least Favorite Movement:  Wall Balls

Tell us about your fitness/lifestyle background:
In elementary and high school, I was a super active kid.  I loved to swim, ski (water and snow), play tennis, and baseball.  I was really close to getting a black belt in karate and I was also a lifeguard.  However, through college and the first few years of my new job at Lawrence Livermore Lab, all of that changed.  I became very focused on my studies and my work and I made little time for any fitness or activity.  I was really unhealthy – I even became a smoker.  I eventually stumbled upon a group of friends that taught me how to rock climb.  We also became avid road and mountain bikers.  I also took up running and really enjoyed that.  Eventually, I smartened up and kicked the smoking habit and focused on my health.  That is exactly when I met the love of my life, Valerie.  We got married and soon after adopted our son.  During my son’s younger years, my fitness level dropped quite a bit and I was no longer able to do all of the fitness things I used to do, except for running and the occasional bike ride.  My health declined as a result of my new found responsibilities at work and being a Dad. This worried me as both my father and his father died really young and I want to make sure I am fit and healthy so I stick around for my son as long as possible.

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit 580:
My wife and I became friends with Kristie and Tristan, who were members of CrossFit 580 at the time.  I expressed interest in checking it out because I had tried CrossFit before and remembered how challenging it was.  I was ready to get back into shape.  Everyone there, including the instructors, were very welcoming.

What have you seen in your body, health, and fitness since starting CrossFit 580 (before/after)?
I started seeing improvements to my body, health, and fitness within the first few months.  I started going to CrossFit 580 a couple of times a week.  I learned fairly quickly how out of shape I really was.  There were so many movements I could not do very well.  Over time, I just started making steady improvements and noticed I could do more of the movements and more weight.  Once you see these improvements, it becomes super motivating.  I then started going three times a week and now I try to go four times a week.  For awhile, I lost probably close to 15 lbs.  My wife said I was too skinny when my pant size became smaller than hers.  So, I started eating more and fueling my body properly.  I have since gained back a majority of that weight, replacing fat with muscle, enabling me to hit PR’s nearly weekly.  I tell people that at the age of 43, I am probably in the best shape of my life.  In April, I ran a 15K, and to my surprise, I got a personal best and ended up placing second in my age group.  (I have never placed in a run before.)  I owe all of this to CrossFit 580 – thank you all!

Please share with us any favorite CrossFit 580 moments:

I have three favorite moments.  The first one was when I performed my first bar muscle up.  I remember feeling so great at that accomplishment.  My second favorite moment was my first CrossFit Open this year.  I had such a blast every Saturday morning struggling through all of those brutal workouts and then eating Kodiak cakes after with the rest of the CF 580 crew.  Those workouts highlighted how much more I needed to learn and improve.  The third was when I finally figured out how to do double unders at a speed that wouldn’t kill me.  I remember looking at Steve while I was doing them in disbelief that I was doing them so smoothly.  I nearly threw my jump rope across the room as a result of my excitement.

What are your hobbies, interests, and/or talents outside of CrossFit 580?
In my other free time, I volunteer as a Search and Rescue Diver for the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department.  I have been doing that for over 10 years.  Another talent that many may not know is that I also play the violin.

Any advice for people just getting started?
Don’t feel intimidated by all of the different skills and movements that you perform at a CrossFit gym if you have never done them before.  Leave your ego at the door, listen to everything the instructors have to say (you can learn a lot from them), and work like hell when you are there.  If you do that, you are going to see huge improvements to your overall health and fitness and I guarantee you are going to feel great about yourself and what you are going to accomplish.