CrossFit Games Open 2015: Feb 26 – March 30 @ CrossFit 580 Livermore , CA


CrossFit Games Open 2015: Feb 26 – March 30 @ CrossFit 580 Livermore , CA

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Judging will occur EVERY SATURDAY 10am-12noon!!

The reason why CrossFit is so amazing and infectious is not just because we love the way doing 100 Burpee’s feels or rowing a 2K for time, it is because of community. It’s because of the community of people who started CrossFit, the community of coaches who teach, and because of our local community and box and the people that become so much more than just gym members.
Community are the people that support us, the people that bleed and sweat and sometimes cry right along side us. Community is the birthday workouts, the barbecues, the group of moms that go grab breakfast every Thursday after a 9am class. Community are our brothers and sisters in law enforcement and fire training to be better together and to serve us better. Community is what keeps us coming back and forges a bond far deeper than any an old globe gym membership could. CrossFit and its community is an amazing thing… inspiring to most, and the envy of others.

This is the time of year where community becomes very apparent. It allows us to place our very local community on a very global scale. It allows us to be a part of the larger CrossFit community in a fun and competitive way. It gives us an opportunity to represent the boxes we are so proud of.

I’m talking about the CrossFit Games Open.

Most boxes find that their community is split between people not feeling confident enough to compete or not capable enough and then those who are competitive in nature and have been training all year in hopes of qualifying for Regionals. While that may be true, I encourage everyone to look at the open as a time to have fun within our community. A time to enjoy a little inter-gym, or interclass friendly competition. A time to win fun prizes and enjoy the satisfaction of tackling a tough WOD and to test out capabilities.
This is the one time of year where you can literally compare your fitness to those all across the world. It is the one time of year that you and the big-name CrossFitters will be doing the exact same workouts and understanding the exact same intensity.
It is a way for you to measure your progress from last year, or set a new benchmark this year. It is a time for fun, it is a time for fitness, it is a time for community, and I encourage all of you to register for the Open. The reasons may vary, but we are all in this together! Let’s have some fun this year, let’s suffer a little and lay it out there, and let’s do it as a community!
I look forward to coaching, cheering for and working out with all of you! Let’s go 580!

Coach Cat


Register for the Open at