CrossFit On Ramp

CrossFit On Ramp Package

(CrossFit On Ramp Included with selected CrossFit 3 Month Fast Start Packages)

The On Ramp package is our beginner’s class and is designed to prepare active, healthy individuals who are new to the CrossFit movements for our ongoing CrossFit Group WOD classes. The On Ramp Package costs $225, and consists of 2 private 1 hour sessions, plus unlimited group fitness WOD Classes(CrossFit, Boot Camp and Barbell) within the first 30 days of On Ramp purchase and completion….so $225 for the first 30 days (2 On Ramp Sessions then Unlimited Group WOD classes(CrossFit, Boot Camp, Barbell) after completion of On Ramp. If you miss any of the scheduled on ramp classes, you are subject to a $25 rescheduling fee, per class. Discounts or refunds will not be granted for missed classes). Attendance at each On Ramp session is essential in obtaining the skills necessary to do well in our group WOD classes. Movement techniques will be drilled into, as well as a progressive introduction to the intensity levels that are inherent in our group classes. If you are unsure as to whether you are a good candidate for beginning in a class setting, please contact us. Click here to reserve your spot in our next On Ramp series!

The On Ramp series (2, 1 hour Classes Total) is our beginner’s series specifically designed to prepare individuals who are new to the CrossFit movements for our ongoing group CrossFit classes. The movement curriculum is sequential while emphasizing functional movements (including key movements from gymnastics, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and kettlebell’s). Completing all sessions is mandatory and fundamental to your gaining the necessary proficiency and preparation for our group fitness WOD classes. The CrossFit On Ramp Package is an excellent value and also includes your FIRST 30 days of UNLIMITED CLASSES

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