Dave L. Livermore, CA 12/9/13


Dave L. Livermore, CA 12/9/13

20150307_110703This is not a review of CrossFit as an exercise option, just CrossFit 580’s way of offering access to it. If you are considering starting CrossFit, I will briefly share that thus far, the only drawback for my wife and I has been having to replace or have significant alterations done to our wardrobes and dealing with compliments on our personal appearance we are unaccustomed to dealing with. We have not changed our diets (we have always eaten fairly healthy, but we still eat bread, chocolate, and have some drinks) or lifestyle (we always worked out, my wife ran 6-10 miles 6 days a week for 10+ years), but our bodies have completely changed as our fitness levels, functional strength, and confidence have improved. We are middle of the pack on our good days so no super powers here. We work as hard as we can for the relatively short time and we’ve gotten results we’ve never had before (as of this writing, 3 months for me, 6 months for her).

I have to believe the way CrossFit 580 delivers the Crossfit lifestyle to the Livermore and surrounding areas (new friends we have met here come in from Tracy, Dublin, Mountain House, Pleasanton, and San Ramon) is a big part of what helps to make a diverse group of people successful. When I rate any business, there are some things that apply universally.

Facilities and Equipment- the equipment is in great shape, there is a lot of it so you aren’t always substituting or settling for lesser options like many gyms, and they have some pretty amazing customized specialty equipment and always seem to be adding more. They just expanded the inside space to be about 1/3 larger as well. 5 stars.

Cleanliness- I’ve been to more than my fair share of gyms in my life, worked in some early in my career, and I have a particular eye for cleanliness. Not shiny, not “smells good”, but is it actually clean or is it gross? For me there is no in between. The blood, sweat, and occasional tears that are a part of Crossfit seem to present a daunting task to maintain a clean environment. I have not come across an issue with this here. 5 stars.

Aesthetic/Design- If you are doing research in general, you have noted there is a culture to crossfit. High energy, industrial, intense all fit the bill. At 580 it’s real. Music blares only during workouts (when you need it most). Intense reds, stark whites, and clean blacks, easy to navigate, very few distractions. Not much else, which is nice. 5 stars.

Location- It is a bit of a cross-town drive for us but its not an issue at all. When we first started attending, it was hit or miss for a bit to remember where to turn off 1st St and making a left hand turn out of the parking lot is a bit tough. That said, it is located very close to the 580/1st St exit, near the Lab, and the cross town drive is sometimes only 6-7 minutes when the lights are timed right, 12 minutes max. Probably super convenient for many who attend. The parking lot has a ton of parking,and the other businesses in the business park area are low traffic. 4 stars only based on our address.

Class/Open times- I may never have been in the market to even consider crossfit if any other gyms, yoga studios, or other options had been convenient options on a daily basis. The variety, regularity, and actual times scheduled can literally work for any schedule. The ability to be able to attend any of the classes and get the same high quality experience just works. Early, late, weekends, weekdays. This may be the most heavily weighted value for me. 5 stars+.

Supervision/Instruction- I have only been to one class (out of just under 60 I’ve attended) where there was a disengaged coach (important texts throughout the workout, coach is no longer there). Otherwise, I am actively being watched, assessed, and personally coached at 580. Coaches who know their stuff, who can motivate, and are relateable combine with ownership that is present (not just physically, but paying attention, stepping in, augmenting where needed), deeply experienced, and who have had the time to develop an understanding that workouts like these are not one size fits all. Pride in ownership and accountability go a long way in small business. These are all real, smart people who are a large part of a sense of community that is unique. 5 stars+.

Community- This was probably lowest on my list of things to consider when making the decision to start coming to CrossFit but may be the best by product of us joining. It turned out we knew some members already (who we had seen have tremendous results just by running into them at pre-school and around town). Since joining, from the top down, everyone has been extremely welcoming and we’ve met so many genuinely amazing people and gotten to know others better. Our son even likes to come just to hang out in hopes that other kids will be doing the same. People know your name, ask how you are, share fun stories, and congratulate you/encourage you and we end up doing the same. 5 unexpected.