Deirdre P. Livermore, CA 1/20/14


Deirdre P. Livermore, CA 1/20/14

I joined CF580 in January 2014, so I’m 3 months in as I write this. I love it there– love the workouts, the people, and most importantly the RESULTS. I am not new to strength training but had never gone after the barbells before (I’m a petite 40 year old female and just didn’t know where to start). The coaches are very patient, knowledgable, safety-minded, and encouraging. They will help you get it right and find a training zone that is right for your body and goals. The other members have all been friendly and everyone cheers everyone on– from the strongest dude to the fitness newbie. And yes, the membership is very diverse in terms of fitness goals, body types, age, etc. (and at least 50% female).

The schedule and price are better than most other CF boxes in the region. Lots of class times are offered, tiered rates, and even the priciest option is much less than anything in Pleasanton. They also offer Oly lifting, Running, and BootCamp classes. I haven’t tried them out yet.

The equipment seems good (I’m not an expert)– They sometimes run out of lighter weights during large classes but people share and make it work. Everything is clean– even the floor (no small feat with folks running in and out all the time).

My favorite thing about CF580– they are organized. The schedule, coaches, workouts, events– all posted online and kept up to date. I am looking forward to setting new goals and reaching them at CF580!