Diana Lyn Livermore, CA 8/23/12


Diana Lyn Livermore, CA 8/23/12



I got into CrossFit when my fiancé asked if I wanted to try it out. I agreed. We went to the intro class and I was extremely intimidated by the people working out in the session before ours, but I didn’t let that get to me. Joy coached our intro class and she was great! She gave us a taste of what a regular WOD is like and even showed us modified movements if we weren’t up to a certain level, yet.

We continued with on-ramp, which was great. 6 sessions of learning the fundamentals. Granted they don’t get to cover everything in CF, but definitely the things we end up doing most often.

Once I started going to the regular sessions, everyone was at a different fitness level, but the coaches are so great at helping to modify movements, correct form, teach, etc. I love that. It’s almost as if I have a personal trainer without having to pay the price! WODs are usually structured like: warm-up, stretching, skills/lifting, metabolic conditioning workout.

Everyone at the box is so welcoming, nice, and encouraging. I love the atmosphere and all of the coaches are great! Nobody has an ego and walks around like they are better than the rest. You’re there for you and not to compete against anyone else but yourself.

I’ve had experiences with all of the instructors and they are all great. Even if it’s a class of upwards of 20 people, they still take the time to give everyone individual attention.

There is so much I can do now that I wasn’t able to do 3 months ago and I can see and feel the difference! I’ve adopted a mostly-Paleo diet and really love the way I feel.

Even though I recently moved to Pleasanton, I still make the drive into Livermore because I can’t imagine not seeing my coaches and fellow CrossFitters everyday! Not only is everyone great, but the workouts are truly addicting. I get sad when I miss a day or more! Really…