Forrest H. Livermore, CA 11/13/2010


Forrest H. Livermore, CA 11/13/2010

Crossfit is a great way for my wife and I to exercise together. After one class I was hooked. I kept encouraging my wife to try it and now she is just as excited as I am. The trainers are really friendly and we spend a LOT of extra time hanging out at the gym.

The daily workouts are always pushing the limits and allow each person to do their best, but also create friendly competition and inspiration.

The “on ramp” orientation was a great way to start learning crossfit and the trainers always make sure that every work out starts with an appropriate warm up and that safety is a priority while performing the exercises.

My wife and I enjoy crossfit so much, that it is an exciting priority in our day, not a chore. Also, we have both noticed a great change in our physical fitness and capabilities.