Genevieve M. Livermore, CA 3/30/13


Genevieve M. Livermore, CA 3/30/13

24For the past couple of years, I have looked in the mirror wondering, “What happened to the 100lb person that I used to know?”

You would not guess, even now, that I was that skinny, even into my early 20’s. ‘Skinny fat’, I referred to myself as, because while I did not weigh much, I also had no muscle and ZERO athletic ability. Over the next 8 or so years, my weight gradually increased, and at my highest I was 160lb. I emphasize the word gradual, because let’s face it, 8-10 pounds a year is not gradual and not healthy. But I continued to file it away in my head as an irrelevant concern. Over this time period, I would find myself sporadically attending 24 Hour Fitness and yoga sessions; when achieving minimal gratification and results, I would find an excuse to not go back.

2 years ago my now sister-in-law, Janelle, began her journey into the paleo lifestyle and subsequently found CrossFit. Always the healthy living advocate, she would insist that this was different, and that I needed to try it out. “Sure, sure…” I would respond and then disregard until the next time that I saw her. It took seeing pictures of me wake-boarding after the summer of 2011 to realize that I needed to address my health. Not only was Janelle looking the best that she ever had, but I was also about at the heaviest that I had ever been. My boyfriend and I began by eliminating unhealthy items such as soda, and limiting our caloric intake, but this found me still eating fast food and processed foods on a daily basis. The weight was dropping minimally, but not at a level that I was satisfied with.

In March 2012, I finally said enough is enough. I am tired of living life this way, and my recent engagement helped strengthen my resolve to get healthy. So I began reading. Wheat Belly, Robb Wolf’s The Paleo Solution, Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint are a few that made huge impacts in my lifestyle change. April 1st, my fiancé and I started Robb Wolf’s Paleo 30 day Transformation and I was hooked. By the end of the 30 days we both had lost noticeable weight, and felt great! For the 1st time that I could recall, I woke up without stomach pain or a headache. What next, I thought? Well, Janelle was right about Paleo, so let’s try out CrossFit. We left messages with the two CrossFit affiliates in our area, and lucky for us, the right one got back almost immediately.

ENTER CrossFit 580.

To say that I was intimated is grossly understated. I had done some research on CrossFit, and I was terrified. I am not an athlete. I could not run a mile without stopping; complete a push-up or a pull-up for that matter! If not for Joy’s encouraging character, I am not sure that I would have had the guts to continue. With such functional movements, I quickly learned that it is so simple to scale anything at the box. Instead of dreading working out, I could not wait for work to be over so that I could go! In such a short period of time, there were so many things that I can do that I never thought I could. The best part is that every day I get better and better. In the first 5 months attending 3x per week, I went from 160lb to 145lb and 34% to 29% body fat. I slowed down momentarily to enjoy the newlywed bliss and the holidays, but since January I have increased my workouts to 5x per week. Within the 1st month of CrossFit 580’s ‘Look Better Naked’ challenge, I checked in at 131lb, 24%bf, and down THREE jean sizes! My original goal was to be ‘high school skinny’ again, but now it is so much more. CrossFit has made me want to be strong no matter the number on that scale. I still have a way to my goals, but I now know that my new lifestyle (and pintresting motivational quotes) will get me there.

I am so grateful to Mark and Joy and what they have built at CrossFit 580. Each coach at CrossFit 580 is amazing, both motivating and instructional. They personify the spirit that is CrossFit and have truly created an environment that will be your ‘home away from home’ J