Greg J. Livermore, CA 6/9/2011


Greg J. Livermore, CA 6/9/2011

Alright, this is my first ever Yelp review. To this point I’ve never experienced a local business that’s either impressed or frustrated me enough to actually spend the half hour it takes to tell everyone in cyberspace how i really feel about my experience. Well Mark, Joy, Tyler, Vince, Marcus and Amy @ CF580 have impressed me to the point that i decided to get on the Yelp bandwagon; so here goes.

I joined CrossFit 580 about 8 weeks ago for the same reason most out of shape 20-30 somethings join a gym; to get healthy, relieve workplace stress, and of course to look better naked. Ok, 2 out of 3 are true but only 1 of those reasons is really funny. To put this in perspective, prior to joining CF580 the only workout i had done in the previous 8 months was playing Adult Softball one night a week. Needless to say, my first few weeks of CF were wildly painful and challenging, but I loved it and the progress i made was unbelievable.

I started the On Ramp program with Joy and really enjoyed the attention to detail and the small group atmosphere. The On-Ramp program was a six day training session or “Beginners Guide to CrossFit” that gently prepares you for the rigorous workouts that you will eventually look forward to. I came home from my first On-Ramp and was completely hooked, even though it was by far the hardest workout of my life. Joy pushed us when we needed pushing, encouraged us when we needed encouragement and most of all focused us on the fact that CrossFit is all about doing what you can do while maintaining the best form possible, and not caring what anyone else in the class was doing (especially awesome considering i was by far the weakest and most out of shape Crosfitter in the bunch). Most people like myself hate going to the regular gym because you get stuck wandering around the weight room aimlessly surrounded by muscle heads that you can rarely compete with. CrossFit showed me that it didn’t matter how much i could lift compared to everyone else or what sort of shape i was in. What mattered was that i showed up, tried my best and scaled the workouts down wherever necessary.

Well, i am 8 weeks in now, 16 pounds lighter, immensely stronger and literally can’t wait to get off work and get to CF almost every day. I have enjoyed myself so much so that i actually convinced my fiance to join CF580 and she is loving it just as much as I am. Together we are healthier, happier and actually really enjoy competing on each WOD. CF580 makes it easy to enjoy working out because class sizes are small (range from 2-8 people), the schedule’s accommodating, and the group of students/trainers they have assembled is flat out awesome. Every trainer has their personal strengths, but the general message from everyone is “glad you’re here, now let’s get to work”.

I don’t think i ever planned on enjoying working out regularly, but Mark and his team have done an awesome job building CF580’s reputation as one of the premier CF gym’s in the Bay Area. I am so glad i stumbled upon them, and can’t wait for tomorrow’s WOD. If you’ve never challenged yourself with a tough workout, this is definitely the place to throw caution to the wind and jump in with both feet. You will not be disappointed.