Work out for FREE! The CrossFit 580 Member Referral Program!


Work out for FREE! The CrossFit 580 Member Referral Program!

We really love how everybody has been dedicated and working very hard in the box. It’s awesome and rewarding seeing all the fitness transformations! We also believe that the greatest compliment is a referral, and we want to show you guys how much we appreciate that!

Introducing the CrossFit 580 Member Referral Program!



For every member you refer, we will knock $25 off of your next month’s dues. No limit as to how many times you can repeat this.

Theoretically, it’s possible to work out for free, forever. Start spreading the word peoples!

What counts as a referral?
Eligible new member referrals must be one of the following.  A new athlete to CrossFit 580 who is:
1) Registered and paid in full for CrossFit On Ramp or BootCamp/CrossFit (Group Fitness Classes) Membership.
2) New Members only..former members are not eligible.

– Invite your friends, family, etc to get in the door at CF580.  Offer them our two free ways to try us out: Free Saturday 8:00am-9am FREE TRIAL class and/or 1st Bootcamp visit is free.

– Blow up your social media!  Instagram our facility, post to Facebook about how you have become such a fitness ninja, Twitter bomb that CF580 has MADE you the bomb, go hash tag CrossFit580 crazy, link your posts to this page.
– Wear CrossFit 580 t-shirts and hoodies when you go grocery shopping or out for a primal dinner or just out in general…..580 runs strong in you!
– When a referral is ready, the CF580 member must fill out the the “Refer A Friend” form on our website and we will follow up with them to get them started. Click here to go to the form. 
Good luck and thank you everyone!!  We appreciate you making CrossFit 580 your place for your fitness and healthy lifestyle!! #fitnesscommunityresults