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Jessica Langro

Group Fitness Instructor

I am Jessica Langro and I fell in love with Crossfit 2 years ago. After playing soccer for 13 years, 3 for the varsity team at Dougherty valley high school, I found myself losing passion for the sport and wanting something more. I needed something to challenge me not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. I have always been very athletic and active, but going to 24 hour fitness everyday was not doing it for me. Crossfit became a lifestyle for me after my first session in 2013. Seeing myself get stronger everyday got me hooked. I have met some of my best friends through crossfit, some I even call family, who push themselves everyday to be the best they can be. That was when I realized that I loved pushing others to get stronger and helping them in the process along the way. For me, the best feeling in crossfit isn't hitting a huge "pr", but it is helping someone over achieve and accomplish something they claimed they could never do. I am a part time student at Las Positas Community College, in the process of completing my associates degree. I have taken 3 yoga classes and a Pilates class. Along with being a student and coach, I am also a part time patient access representative at San Ramon Regional Medical Center in Admitting department.

Crossfit has created many positive changes to my life and will continue to benefit me. As a coach, I hope to inspire others to achieve their full athletic potential.

CFL 2 (October 2015)