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Kelsey Parker

Group Fitness Instructor

I am Kelsey Parker and I have been involved with CrossFit as an athlete and a coach for the past 3 years. I grew up playing softball and soccer my entire childhood and through high school. After a number of soccer related injuries I gave up the sport and pursued my studies as well as being the Athletic Trainer for the San Ramon Valley High School Football Team. Although this was still providing me with my love for athletics, not being able to participate had me yearning to compete again. I began CrossFit with a personal trainer at Crunch Fitness in an effort to strengthen my back after a vertebrae injury. I began to see myself achieving goals I never would have considered; a kipping pull up 6 months in, a 185 lb. deadlift my first attempt, and a strict pull up 1 year in. I began competing in scaled competitions and my love for the sport grew. I got my Level 1 just 1.5 years into CrossFit and a year later I had my Level 2. I continue to compete locally and train hard in both my CrossFit and Weightlifting programs. I have been coaching for two years in both the Bay Area and in Calgary for the other half of the year because my boyfriend's job as a professional football player in the CFL. I have met all of my adult best friends in the CrossFit community and continue to meet more amazing people as my journey in this sport has evolved. My passion is not only participating but coaching. It is a hobby for me. I work full time at an aerospace company but choose to continue to coach CrossFit athletes in class settings and one on one skill sessions because I love the coach-athlete relationships that turn into friendships. I love encouraging and pushing people beyond their mental limits and helping them discover a new self, as I did when I started and still am today. I live in Danville half of the year and Calgary the other half. I studied communications at San Francisco State and currently work as a full time project manager at The Peregrine Falcon Corporation.

As an athlete, CrossFit has allowed me to develop my past potential into a new positive person. I have a new outlook on the strength of the mind and what the human body is capable of. As a coach, I am here as your friend, your role model, and your personal motivator. I hope to push you beyond your limitations and help you achieve goals you never even thought you'd develop in your past.


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