Kyle Karns – January 2019 Check In! (June 2017 Athlete of the Month!)


Kyle Karns – January 2019 Check In! (June 2017 Athlete of the Month!)

Check out Kyle Karns January 2019 Progress Photo!! Kyle was our June 2017 Athlete of the Month and has consistently shown up to class, listened to the coaches, dialed in his nutrition and DID THE WORK WITH NO EXCUSES! Great job Kyle! Anyone can do it, it’s up to you to show up and trust the process! First Trial class is free and message us for more info! [email protected]

Congratulations to Kyle Karns for our June Athlete of the Month! Keep up the great work work Kyle, you have accomplished so much in your first 3 months here at CrossFit 580. Your hard work and dedication is inspirational!  #fitnesscommunityresults

Name: Kyle Karns
Hometown: Livermore, CA


Started CrossFit 580:
  April 2017

Favorite movement:
 Power Clean


Least favorite movement:  Burpee Box Jumps, I’ve always hated Burpees!


Tell us about your fitness/lifestyle background: 

Born and raised in the Tri-Valley with stints in Dublin and now back to Livermore I’m sad to say my background isn’t too much to get excited about.  I will say that I have the most amazing wife and son, Dana and Kole, and luckily working from home not only allows me the ability to pick my preferred CF WOD time but also affords me a ton of time with my family.
I’ve always been the “big” guy growing up, at times big due to muscle, at times big due not so much due to muscle. With the introduction of Kole into my life I decided that I need to get into shape and set an example of being an individual that cares about his health.  This meant giving up the bar food, the delicious IPAs (or at least the frequency in which I was crushing those things), the constant eating out, etc.  I had done crash diets and lost some weight before but gained the weight back, I tried running programs that came and went but this time I wanted to commit to the whole lifestyle change thing.  
CrossFit580 has played an intricate role in my journey and I look forward to continuing training!


How did you first get exposed to CrossFit 580? 

Around the beginning of the year I was nagged by a buddy, who was nagged by his wife, to get back into some sort of gym.  We started at a local bootcamp style gym and after doing that for a few months I felt urged to lift some weight again.  I know a buddy who owns a box in Dublin but didn’t want to drive that far so, partially thanks to my laziness, I found CF580!! Highly rated on Yelp I might add… 


What have you seen in your body, health, and fitness since starting CrossFit 580 (before/after)? 

As mentioned, I started my journey of getting back into shape a few month prior to joining CF580.  I feel like my bootcamp experienced “primed” me for what I was about to endure at the box.  I will say, while my cardio continues to improve the biggest #gainz (I see you Steve) I have experienced has been in total strength.  The Barbell and DB work we do on a daily basis has me 10x stronger than when I first stepped foot in the door. I started my trek back into shape at 247lbs, and as of this AM I am at 221lbs. and dropping, all while feeling a ton stronger. I am currently in the middle of a Whole30 diet and wanted to give a shout out to my beautiful wife Dana for helping me with the constant struggle to find something I can eat!! She’s wayyyy better than me at eating healthy, but don’t let her know 😉


Please share with us any favorite CrossFit 580 moments:

Favorite moments would probably be the constant feeling of being happy/impressed with my individual progress.  As a newer member I am still finding my 1rm/PRs and being able to set that bar ever so slightly higher defiantly helps motivate me to keep working!!!  Also, my cardio/MetCon has always been my “achilles heel” but after doing certain WODs with several meters involved I get excited when I can still find myself standing and not collapsed on the floor haha


What are you hobbies, interests and/or talents outside of CrossFit 580?

Pretty much all of my time out of the gym and outside of work is spent with my family.  I have a year and a half year old at home, Kole, and he sure makes life exciting.  New things discovered daily at this point keep mommy and me on our toes!!!  I love pretty much all sports including but not limited to football, baseball, basketball and even European soccer. I look forward to taking my son to his first games here when he proves he can sit still for more than a Daniel Tiger episode.  (Shout out to those of you who know all about Daniel Tiger)


Any advice for people just getting started?

For me the biggest challenge was and still is executing the correct technique on some of the olympic lifts and almost all of the gymnastic stuff haha.  I would advise, and currently practice myself, patience.  Know that every person in the box started somewhere and whether you are 15 or 50 any new hobby takes time to become efficient at. Use your fellow gym members and coaches as a resource, from what I’ve experienced everybody at CrossFit 580 act as a community and are happy to lend advice when asked.