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March CrossFit Programming Highlights

February 2015 Volume Cycle Complete. Our emphasis was on “Pull Ups” and we saw many people either get their first strict pull ups or increase their current max unbroken strict pull ups!

March 2015 -Last month of this volume cycle.  

Emphasis on Olympic Lifts (position work, ie.. Complexes and classic lifts @ light to medium weight. (No touch and go, but focusing on body mechanics/form)

We are starting a Russian Style Squat heavy program that will continue into April.  Squatting twice a week, % based on your current 1 RM’s, and setting new 1 RM’s after 6 weeks.  In addition to other basic lifts like the Push Press and Deadlift.

Thursdays has Accessory work, Ie.. Barbell Curls, Good Morning etc.

Saturdays still team or long workout days.

Sundays remain light days, running, rowing and some body weight movements.

Most workouts will be light to medium intensity with more volume.  Next month, April, continued focus on strength, Less volume and higher intensity.


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