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Amy Y. Livermore, CA 1/11/2012

CrossFit 580 rocks! I’ve put off writing this review for a couple of months, because I’ve felt I couldn’t adequately express how amazing they are. I’ve finally realized that the only way to experience it, it is to be in the gym feeling the love. Go by and check it out today!

I thought I was nothing like the kickass ladies who do CrossFit. I had never lifted weights, never seriously worked out, and had only been to an occasional Zumba and yoga class. My fiancé drug me to the on ramp classes (where they teach you how to do the exercises correctly), and I was determined to not like it. It wasn’t my thing. I prefer to humiliate myself in the comfort of my living room and I certainly couldn’t do a pull-up or 50 squats. After 1 class with Joy, I found out I could do those things plus more, and they were fun and empowering! Did I fall when attempting to jump on a 20″ box and make a fool of myself? Yes, but no one cared because they’d all been there before. Plus, It made the 40 box jumps I did yesterday even sweeter! Join CrossFit 580 and you’ll be sore, you’ll be bruised, but you’ll be stronger inside and out. You’ll also meet some inspiring people and great friends!

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