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Jacqueline L. Livermore, CA 8/16/11

I started Crossfit 580 in March 2011 because I was missing my “glory days” figure but I absolutely did not want to go back to “the gym”. During On Ramp, I was intimidated by the workouts but Joy helped me to scale them to my abilities while still allowing me to get a quality workout that was challenging.

As with much in life, you get from Crossfit what you put into it. Crossfit is not easy. Don’t think that you will come in, as you do in the gym, bust out some reps with dumbbells, and call it a day. An hour at Crossfit 580 consists of a complete and well rounded workout. If you give your best effort, you will leave feeling a sense of accomplishment, you will see results, and just maybe, you will get addicted (like me)!

This morning, I put on a pair of slacks that I couldn’t even get over my hips in February. I had to tear apart my closet for a belt to keep them on my waist! I owe this to myself for sticking with it but also to Mark, Joy, Tyler, Marcus, Vince, and Amy as well as my fellow compadres at the Box who motivate and push me to excel every day.

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