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Jennifer C. Livermore, CA 9/5/13

I have been to many gyms across the country in the last few months, and CrossFit 580 is among the best I’ve ever been to. I tried out every other gym in Livermore as well, and find this one to be head and shoulders above the rest. It is really important to me to have well-structured classes and personal coach-athlete interaction, because if everyone is doing their own thing at their own pace, it’s no different than a globo-gym. The coaches here are all about engagement, they know their athletes well but are still vigilant about correcting and improving movement every day. The classes are small enough that they are manageable and each athlete gets personal attention – this is probably why they have so many classes every day. The classes are also really well-structured and efficient, so we can pack in sufficient mobility, get into specifics with learning a strength-based movement, and then have enough gas left in the tank for a balls-to-the-wall WOD. Having proper mobility work is really important to me because I see a lot of gyms whose athletes all have the same injuries, and I used to fall into that category as well. I can tell Joy and her team really care about what they’re doing and who they’re doing it with, and if I could keep living in Livermore and commute to the south bay, this would be my permanent box. As it is, it’s a pleasure to be able to visit on occasion.

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