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Keith S. Cupertino, CA 1/12/14



I was a member of this box for nearly two years but unfortunately had to move recently. In looking around at new boxes and have discovered that no matter what I choose, it will be a step down from Crossfit 580 by a longshot. I expected the atmosphere elsewhere to be even further intensified and the social aspect even greater, but what I’m finding is that nothing at all compares to my former box in Livermore. I’ve come to realize in my trial classes down here that the workout areas are smaller, the coaches (in general) are less energetic and engaging, and most of all the camaraderie is nothing like at 580. During my two years I took for granted how I could walk in for a WOD at any time of day and see a familiar face, both coaches and other classmates, that would ask how I’m doing, help me identify issues with my form, and push me harder than I ever thought possible during the workout. The level of community and support that has been created is really extraordinary, it’s a shame it took me moving away to fully understand it.

In other words, JOIN THIS BOX. You won’t regret it. The owners and coaches are incredible people and the other students are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I’ll miss them all in my future workouts…

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