Mark L. Walnut Creek, CA 12/29/2010


Mark L. Walnut Creek, CA 12/29/2010

If you already know about CrossFit, you should know that this particular gym stands above the usual that you might find. What sets this gym apart is the personal attention and guided training. You will not be left to “figure it out on your own”.

CrossFit 580 has a very structured on-ramp program for getting you started, and on-ramp is even helpful to people who have been training in the CrossFit movements on their own for a year or more to help them fine tune things or to “fill in the gaps”.

The facility is very clean and organized, and the equipment is in good working order (much of it is new). Great location just a minute from Hwy 580, and you will not have to compete with foot or vehicle traffic hardly at all.

Best of all, the members are great people to be around and train with.

If you’ve never tried CrossFit, I can tell you from personal experience and from witnessing what it can do for people that CrossFit training can and will change your life. It will change you not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. That testimony might sound too good to be true for a general physical fitness program, but I am not exaggerating!

CrossFit 580 is a great place to get involved!