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Natalie Slavonia

Yoga Coach

Hi my name is Natalie Slavonia, I am 23 years old. Been vegan since before it was cool, I am extremely passionate about health and wellness, high on endorphins and caffeine, craving a deeper meaning and a lover of beings. I part time model and teach yoga. I am passionate about sharing my love of Yoga. I believe your mat is totally the place to feel free, find play, lightness and space. I am a no judgment kind of girl and will encourage you to let go of your self judgements, identify your limits and push through boundaries. I encourage positive vibes and strive to help people feel happy and at peace. I love music, I feel it fuels the soul and makes classes so much more fun. So, if you’re looking for some new beats, come take my class because I surely will incorporate it in my flows. I am extremely dedicated to creating a nurturing and safe environment for students to support inward focus and exploration of the body, mind and spirit for people of all levels. I want students to have an hour of the day all to themselves to have some fun, let go, focus on themselves and work through some of those tight spaces we build up on the daily basis. Growing up in the Napa Valley, I was very involved in many sports such as basketball, softball, tennis, track and cross country. I currently am still very active and love running, walking, hiking, biking, barre, Pilates, Yoga of course, and basically anything that gets my body moving and challenges my limits. My senior year I did a project on Holistic Health and began to touch up on some of the pillars of mind body health, yoga being one of them. Yoga was always super interesting to me. But it wasn’t until my dad passed away suddenly when I was 19, that I really discovered the therapeutic healing benefits of Yoga. Yoga became a way of life, and I’m basically on my mat several hours a day. Soon after, I fully immersed myself into the yoga world and began my first teacher training in 2015 with The Yoga Company San Ramon, currently now Joya Yoga. After the training my mind was overfilling with so much information and I just wanted to keep learning and learning before teaching. The following year I took a 200-hour power yoga training with Core Power Yoga. I continued on my learning journey and now have several certifications. My first 200 hour from the Yoga Company, 200 Power Vinyasa from Core Power, Yin training, Core power sculpt training, and a weekend Barre Teacher Training at Joya Yoga Livermore. This summer I had the opportunity to teach yoga at Hotel Villa Flori, in Como Italy, one of the most beautiful places on earth. It was such an incredible experience and taught me a lot. I am so grateful to have been taught by some of the best yoga leaders. I believe in everyone and know that each person is their own best teacher, I am just there to guide and remind you how great and powerful you truly are. I also want to give you tools to take out of yoga and use in your everyday lives, at home or after your workouts, because even just 5 minutes of yoga, stretching or breathing can make a huge difference.