Ramsay A. Livermore, CA 5/9/2013


Ramsay A. Livermore, CA 5/9/2013


My wife and I joined about one month ago and have since become addicted to say the least. Not addicted because we’re workout freaks, but because the structure CrossFit 580 has provided has led to fast results in an organized and fun setting.

To add to the great structure, the group here is AWESOME. They’re the other main reason we love this place. The motivation within the group and from the coaches is pleasantly surprising and really completes this fitness experience for us. I’ve been to other CrossFits in the area and various group type workouts and nothing compares to this group and the coaches here.

Some people hate on CrossFit, I may have been skeptical prior to joining as well. Don’t hate unless you’ve tried it, I promise it will prove you wrong. Especially if you join this group. Unless you like the gym to talk and get a less than mediocre workout, then you definitely won’t like CrossFit. This is a damn good workout and you feel great after each one. You feel accomplished and proud. Can you say that after every normal gym workout? I doubt it.

No matter what level of fitness you’re at, beginner or advanced, you’ll get the balanced workout you want and it becomes a personal goal within yourself to workout harder and improve on your various training.

To sum it up for you, our biggest problem now is that we like it so much we go 6 days a week probably not giving ourselves enough rest! We look forward to each workout posted online the night before and can’t get ourselves to take more days off. You will too.

Sign up for CrossFit 580 in Livermore, you won’t regret it.