SATURDAY WOD December 19, 2015


SATURDAY WOD December 19, 2015

*NO 8am -9am Group WOD CrossFit Class…”12 Days of Christmas” WOD starts at 9am! Potluck is afterwards!



CrossFit WOD 
“12 Days of Christmas”- Barbell Style
(Single or  2 Team Partner Option)

1 Deadlift 
2 Hang Power Cleans 
3 Front Squats 
4 Shoulder Press 
5 Back Squats 
6 Push Press 
7 Thrusters 
8 Squat Cleans (from the ground) 
9 Push Jerks 
10 Hang Power Snatches 
11 Overhead Squats 
12 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

Single Person Option:
*Performed just like the song. You start off with the first repetition at Deadlift and then before moving on to the Hang Power Cleans you must repeat the Deadlift. Then before going to the Front Squat, you must perform DL, HPC, then FS. Before going to Shoulder Press you must do 1DL, 2HPC, 3FS,then 4 Shoulder Press, and so on throughout the entire WOD.

Teams of 2 Option:
Each teams gets one of the following:
barbell (M-135#/W-95#):
Partner 1 does 1
Partner 2 does 2-1
Partner 1 does 3-2-1
Partner 2 does 4-3-2-1
etc, until

*You have the choice of performing the Boot Camp version.



BootCamp WOD 
“12 Days of Christmas”

1 KB Deadlift AHAP
200 Meter Run
3 DB Push Press or HSPU
4 Box Jumps
5 Abx Sit Ups
6 Burpees Broad Jumps
7 Wall Balls
8 Overhead Walking Lunges  (M-45# / W-25#)
9 KB Swings (1.5/2 pood)
10 Dynamic Push Ups
11 Toes to Bar
1200 Meter Row

*Just like the song.. First day of Christmas 1 deadlift. On second day of Christmas 200 meter run and 1 deadlift.