SUNDAY WOD August 19, 2018


SUNDAY WOD August 19, 2018

BootCamp WOD



  • Row 500 meters at an easy pace.


Rowing Intervals:
(if more than 10 people, pair up in groups of 2.  First teammate starts rowing, then after rowing proceeds to do the DB/KB circuit, then teammate #2 starts rowing, and so on, until completed)

The goal for these one- minute pushes is to keep your split time consistent. As your stroke rate decreases, increase the amount of power in your stroke to achieve that consistent split. For each one-minute push, the amount of distance covered should be the same.

  • 1-minute row at 28 SPM (strokes per minute)
  • 1-minute row at 26 SPM
  • 1-minute row at 24 SPM
  • 1-minute row at 22 SPM
  • 1-minute row at 20 SPM


In between each rowing interval, do:

  • 10 DB/KB biceps curls
  • 10 DB/KB overhead presses
  • 10 DB/KB triceps extensions
  • Rest 30 seconds, then hit the next rowing interval



8 MIN EMOM (every minute on the minute).

EMOM Directions: At the top of each minute, row 100 meters at 28 SPM, then perform five pushups. The quicker you can get the rowing and pushups done, the more time you’ll have to rest before the top of the next minute.