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SUNDAY WOD 3/29/15

OPEN WOD 15.5 Done! 580 Team Huddle! CrossFit WOD DYNAMIC WARM UP Coach Choice ENDURANCE WOD 5K Run AFAP 2K Row AFAP *If you did Open WOD 15.5 yesterday, you have the option of doing today’s Boot Camp WOD during the CrossFit timeslot. Boot Camp WOD CONDITIONING WOD #1 9-15-21-15
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Coach Cece representing!     CrossFit WOD DYNAMIC WARM UP Jump Rope 3 Mins Mobility Junk Yard Dog x3 Burgener Warm Up/Skill Transfer on Coach Count 3x Pressing Snatch Balance 3x OHS 3x POS 1 Snatch 3x POS 2 Snatch STRENGTH Oly work: Snatch(advanced)/Power Snatch (Beginner, N
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Paleo Potluck: Open WOD 15.5 , SATURDAY 3/28/15 10am-1pm

This years CrossFit OPEN has been a huge success at CrossFit 580. So far, we have had great participation from our community members with impressive results for both the RX and Scaled Divisions. Most importantly, everyone rallied together and supported one another, making it a very fu
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FRIDAY WOD 3/20/15

Coach Christina: Farmer Carry Relay CrossFit WOD DYNAMIC WARM UP Mobility Barbell Burgener Warm Up Skill Transfer Exercises: 3x Snatch Balance 3x OHS 3x POS 1 Snatch 3x POS 2 Snatch STRENGTH Oly Work Every 90 Seconds for 5 sets Complete: 1 Power Snatch + 1 Hang Snatch (2nd Position Be
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Adam Charles G. 3/10/15

“Just completed my first individual Crossfit competition. First Bootcamp at CrossFit 580 with Joy Wilder was exactly one year ago! So many people have helped me make myself a better person. All of the coaches, Markian, Peter, Kyle, Zara. My partner in crime, Joe. ‪#‎teamclydesda
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Keith S. Cupertino, CA 1/12/14

  I was a member of this box for nearly two years but unfortunately had to move recently. In looking around at new boxes and have discovered that no matter what I choose, it will be a step down from Crossfit 580 by a longshot. I expected the atmosphere elsewhere to be even furthe
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Kimberly S. Livermore, CA 9/3/2012

  My name is Kimberly and I’m 17. During my sophomore and junior year I began to lose the small amount of healthy habits that I had. My swim team had been disbanded so I completely stopped exercising, and I began to eat anything I wanted without thinking of how healthy it a
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Zara H. Livermore, CA 8/31/2012

From the very first time I walked in the door at CF580, I felt like I was welcomed into a new family! The coaches are all really nice and very knowledgeable. The free introductory workout and intro classes were so much fun that I did not hesitate to sign up for a month-to-month plan.
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Diana Lyn Livermore, CA 8/23/12

  I got into CrossFit when my fiancé asked if I wanted to try it out. I agreed. We went to the intro class and I was extremely intimidated by the people working out in the session before ours, but I didn’t let that get to me. Joy coached our intro class and she was great! S
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