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  CrossFit WOD DYNAMIC WARM UP Run 400m Mobility KB Warm Up STRENGTH Every 90 Secs for 3 sets complete: 5 Deadlifts @  65% of 1RM (focus on body mechanics not on speed!) METCON Complete for time: 300 KB Russian Swings EMOTM: 5 Burpees @1 ft over Max Reach (mark off your target ju
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THURSDAY 2/26/15

CrossFit WOD DYNAMIC WARM UP Run 800m Mobility (shoulder) 2x: 10 Wall Balls, 10 Sit Ups, 10 Ring Rows STRENGTH In 12 mins work to a Heavy Single Push Press METCON A. AMRAP 12 Mins: 7 Push Presses @ 60% of HSPP 50 Double Unders 7 Ring Dips B. 3 Sets of Max Reps Strict Pull Ups (Compare
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