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  Schedule for Today: 8am-9am Group CrossFit WOD 9am-10am Group CrossFit WOD 10am-12noon CrossFit OPEN WOD 15.4 10am-12noon OPEN GYM   CrossFit WOD DYNAMIC WARM UP Coach Choice STRENGTH Every 2 mins for 6 sets: 6 High Bar Back Squats @ 80% of 1RM PARTNER METCON Teams of 2 Co
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Diana Lyn Livermore, CA 8/23/12

  I got into CrossFit when my fiancé asked if I wanted to try it out. I agreed. We went to the intro class and I was extremely intimidated by the people working out in the session before ours, but I didn’t let that get to me. Joy coached our intro class and she was great! S
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TUESDAY 11/4/14

CrossFit WOD DYNAMIC WARM UP Jump Rope 3 minsMobility KB Warm Up: 10 KB Good Mornings 10 KB Halos 10 KB Lateral Stretches KB Bent over back shoulder (5-10 sec hold, 2x each side) SKILL: KB Clean,  KB Clean and Press METCON WOD 4 Rounds:1 Min KB Russian Swings (M-53#/ W-35#) *Two
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