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I have never felt stronger and healthier since starting CrossFit 580!

CrossFit580 is an awesome community filled with incredible athletes and supportive coaches who makes working out challenging and fun!

I have never felt stronger and healthier since starting CrossFit 580. My endurance is at its all time high. I can carry my boys on my shoulders with ease. As a mother, this is very important. A long day at Disneyland with kids who are a little old for strollers, calls for “super-mom!” ☺ I feel more physically and mentally able to tackle more strenuous adventures. I’ve ran half-marathons, completed Sprint, Super and Beast Spartan Races, and I look forward to finding out what else I can conquer! My advice to those of you who are just getting started: Be patient with yourself. Go in the box knowing that you, yourself, are your biggest and only competition. It always gets hard before it gets easier, and when that time comes, you challenge yourself even more.

Maria Grace

I am actually having fun working out again! When I started CrossFit 580, I was overweight and out of shape.  I had hip and back pain because of early onset arthritis and sometimes I couldn’t even walk without a limp and a lot of pain. 

Started CrossFit 580: June 2017

Favorite Movement: The power snatch.

Least Favorite Movement: The assault “bike.”

Tell us about your fitness/lifestyle background:

I’ve always been somewhat athletic- As a child, I was in ballet until I was about 16, and did a lot of outdoor activities with my family. In high school I played varsity sports- basketball, volleyball and did mid-distance running and jumping events in track. My “back in the day” moment happened when my brother and I both were awarded league MVP for basketball in my senior year. In college I continued with basketball for a short time, I tried crew (rowing), and in the summers I worked as a forest fire fighter, including one summer on “helitack” (the helicopter crew). In graduate school, I mainly did a lot of running but I also participated in Taekwondo which helped a lot with the stress from school. More recently I’ve done two Tahoe Tough Mudders and was part of a really great boot camp for a couple of years in Tracy.

Then I moved, and time passed, and before I knew it I hadn’t done regular exercise for a few years. I was frustrated with some joint issues I have —doctors wanted me to modify movements (like running), but I just couldn’t find a balance between the modifications and getting the workout I wanted. Thankfully, I kept looking, and was able to find that balance at Crossfit580. I’ve been here for about a year now, and I’m loving it!

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit580?

I looked online for a challenging workout which might allow me to use cardio equipment in place of running. Then I contacted the owner, Mark, and he and the coaches took the time to reassure me that things could be modified but still be challenging, so I knew it might work.

What have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting CrossFit580 (before/after)?

When I started Crossfit580, I was overweight and out of shape. I had hip and back pain because of early onset arthritis and sometimes I couldn’t even walk without a limp and a lot of pain. I’d stopped trying to get any kind of exercise at all, and the muscles in my core, hips and legs had become weak. My blood sugar was rising, my blood pressure was rising, my energy level was low, my mood was poor. I wasn’t doing very well.

It’s a year later and I have lost 20 pounds (for me, if I can exercise, I will eat well), my blood pressure is normal, and my blood sugar is great. The strength in my core, hips and legs has begun to return which then supports the joints, and so my day-to-day arthritis pain is greatly reduced. I have energy and I find that I have a positive outlook now as well.

I was afraid to do some of the strength training because of my joint issues, but with the modifications and encouragement from the coaches, the strength portion has probably been the most beneficial to me. The other day I realized that I am actually having fun working out again! I enjoy learning the technical movements and gymnastics progressions, and it’s just fun to be able to push myself again.

Please share with us any favorite CrossFit 580 moments:

Timeless words from our coaches, of course! // Hey coach, can I row instead? “Because you don’t want to ride the bike or because you need to modify?” Don’t want to. “Get on the bike!” // “No Angelo, I will not play that song!” // <Coach RX’s the kettlebell workout> “That was… woo!” // But coach, it isn’t going to be a challenge. “Oh. It will be a challenge.” // “How do you like the new bikes?” // “Those dumbbells are too light and you are not engaging your abs! Use these.” <hands me the heaviest dumbbells I’ve ever seen> // “You love the bike! You are one with the bike. The bike is your favorite.” // And of course, the famous “Pinch the penny!!”

I kicked up into an assisted handstand for the first time and learned the snatch all in the same day. That was a good day!

My favorite moments though are the times we are all in there slogging it out together, even the off-duty coaches sometimes. People are encouraging, and everyone’s working hard and giving their own personal best effort. It’s awesome and motivating!

What are your hobbies, interests and/or talents outside of Crossfit580?

I moved not long ago, so getting settled in is my main extra-curricular activity right now. I love to be in the mountains doing anything outdoors and to spend time with my family, and I enjoy making things, so I knit and cook. I also love to read and I listen to a lot of audiobooks when I’m on the road.

Any advice for people just getting started?

If you can find a way to build up to consistency in your workout schedule, your nutrition and your rest days, you will be successful.

For me, it helps to take a minute every day after my workout and find a way I’ve progressed that day. It could be physical progress, could be mental toughness progress, could simply be the fact that I showed up that day at all. The point is to notice the small successes every single day and then to be sure to feel happy and thankful for them. This attitude helps me continue to come back to the workouts even after a day that maybe I didn’t feel so great about overall. When I have a way to feel good every time, I can be consistent.

Jenny Church

The coaches have helped me get stronger and fitter.

After a long lay-off from martial arts my wife and I really needed something challenging for our different goals and fitness levels. We checked out Crossfit 580 and decided to take advantage of the beginner intro package.
From the first class we were welcome not only by coaches but also fellow members. The coaches have helped me get stronger and fitter. The focus has never been on lifting heavy or going harder, but always proper form and fitting the exercise to my ability.

When an old injury resurfaced all the coaches went out of their way to help me recover. Exercises were modified, weight and reps were scaled to get me healthy.

580 isn't just a gym, it's a community. We encourage each other, hang out, laugh and share stories. The workout is great, but I keep coming back because of the friendships I've made.

Kashyap Zaveri

In one word: AMAZING!

For all the local French here is my opinion, Crossfit580 is a kind of big family! There is no judgment but always encouragement and this mentality makes her want to always surpass herself. The courses are very well explained and well followed. I highly recommend!

In one word: AMAZING!


Angy Delmas

Amazing community and coaches.

Amazing community and coaches. When I moved here 6 years ago I did not realize how big of an impact 580 would have on me. Not only did I make a physical transformation but 580 has become my second family! I did not know a single person and have met some of the most amazing people and developed amazing friendships! From the moment I stepped into 580 I was welcomed and the awesome coaches have helped me become stronger, faster, and try things I never thought I could do!

Ashley Cowles
Coach / Doctor of Physical Therapy

Great Crossfit gym and a great community!

Great Crossfit gym and a great community! I have seen a lot of improvement in my overall fitness and health since I started at CF 580 almost 2 years ago. Since then, when I go on travel, I make it a priority to visit other boxes. I have to say that CF 580 is the best one by far. The training program is such that there is usually a strength component and then a conditioning component. You are working hard for nearly the entire hour. But what makes CF 580 a great place to work out is the people, the community feeling, and of course the instructors. Especially Steve - he is fantastic. He really pays attention to your form so you don't get injured and is very funny and engaging. Keep up the good work CF 580!

Chad Noble

I have met numerous supportive and fun people, especially other great, strong, and supportive women.

I came to CF 580 after taking several years off from another gym. I was nervous to return, but was ready. I was warmly welcomed by the others in the class and a very knowledgeable and supportive coach. This gym is truly a community as we do things outside of the gym that don't involve fitness. I have met numerous supportive and fun people, especially other great, strong, and supportive women. There aren't any "elitist" mindset type at this gym all just very supportive and humble, which makes for a great environment. I look forward to going to class and genuinely miss the people when I'm not there. The gym is kid-friendly and my children look forward to going to the gym with me! I can't say enough about CF580 and he community.

Lisa Corti

Great atmosphere, even better people!

Great atmosphere, even better people. From the members to the coaches this is an excellent place to get your fitness level dialed in. Big range of athletes too... just off the couchers to experienced CF’ers. Stop by and check it out!!!

Kyle Karns

Not only do I see results but I look forward to every workout!

Not only do I see results but I look forward to every workout. Going to 580 is usually the highlight of my day. The members, the coaches, the positive environment, and the effective/challenging workouts have made such positive impact in my life.

Claudia Todi

The coaches do an excellent job at challenging you and helping you achieve your best results!

Highly recommended excellent local box if you live in the tri-valley area, or a simply travelling through. This box supports a drop-in rate (if you don't have a membership) but the membership is well worth what you pay for. The coaches do an excellent job at challenging you and helping you achieve your best results! In addition, the community and vibe is one that makes you feel right at home

Khaled itani

Before I came... I could barely do a pullup and now I just finished my first Open!

My wife and I have been coming to Crossfit 580 since August 2017. We talked about taking our fitness seriously and came to the conclusion that we would try out Crossfit. The owners are great and the coaches and community here are amazing. Some boxes have a culture of making Crossfit more important than fitness/health but not this box. When we came we found couples, singles, and even parents with their kids working out together. With enough effort, dedication, and work you will be able to do things that you never thought you would be able to. Before I came... I could barely do a pullup and now I just finished my first Open. Before I came... I could barely run a mile and I just finished my first Spartan race. Before I came... I never imagined doing a handstand and now I can do handstand pushups. We are so pleased with the results and the friends that we have made. If you join, you won't be disappointed.

Chad Greer

CrossFit580 is hands down the best gym I have been to

CrossFit580 is hands down the best gym I have been to. It’s always clean and the staff is amazing. The trainers kept me motivated, the workouts keep you engaged. The CrossFit580 community holds you accountable.

Scott Gephart

Mark and Joy are incredible owners who have created a great place with great community of like-minded people.

Mark and Joy are incredible owners who have created a great place with great community of like-minded people. I remember just signing up for a 6-week bootcamp to try this place out in November 2015, but had to go overseas due to death in the family. Later on, I also had to take a one month break due to illness. Instead of them saying I will still be charged for missed classes, they didn't count those and told me I can resume when I am ready. This made an impression on me that the owners care and it's not just about money. They exemplify character and integrity with heart in running this place. The coaches are knowledgeable and very encouraging. Though my workouts are often scaled to my fitness level, I never felt judged. I work hard yet there is great motivation to give my best. Everyone always made me feel welcome. The coach challenges and believes that I can do better and my classmates cheer me on. It's a win-win place. (I understand how intimidating the name can be but if I can do it, you can too.)

Rose Y

The members and owners are awesome and super encouraging!

I have been a member at a few other Crossfit gyms and have made few drop-ins to other crossfit gyms across the country. I have to say that Crossfit580 is one the best box that I have been to. The members and owners are awesome and super encouraging. Sometimes it can be a little intimidating starting a new gym, but everyone here has been super welcoming.
Coaches are professional and attentive but fun. The programming is designed to help every level athlete grow and get better no matter what their goals are. Their programming is better suited for all age groups. Whether you want to compete in Crossfit or just look and feel better, this box has options for everyone's goals. I love it !

Naveen Justine

Absolutely 100% recommend this place..... come join our family!!

This is an absolutely amazing place to workout, The owners are as down to earth and friendly as they come. The instruction here is fantastic as well with coaches Steve, Abby, Jessica, Eric, Ron, etc.....being what I believe are the best in the area. The one thing I like about all the coaches is they will not allow you to push beyond your limits and into the injury zone like some other boxes. Scaling the workout is perfectly acceptable here and helps you to continue building strength while avoiding all the horror story Crossfit injuries. Absolutely 100% recommend this place..... come join our family!!

Brad Bertalan

CF580 is a very welcoming community!

CF580 is a very welcoming community. This is the place to be able to achieve your health goals. The ambiance is non-intimidating but intense. Coaching is great. they would focus on your form prior to weight increase. Programming is good and the equipment is top notch. Would recommend!

Mack Cruz

Everyone is super friendly and welcoming it made learning a new program a lot of fun!

A friend of mine recommended Crossfit 580 to me.
Not knowing anything about CrossFit, the "on ramp" program they start you out on was a fantastic introduction! Everyone is super friendly and welcoming it made learning a new program a lot of fun.
The trainers are extremely knowledgeable, and dedicate their attention and patience to you to ensure that you are performing the workouts properly.
No joke, joining CrossFit 580 has changed my life. The changes in my diet and exercise have given me so much more energy. I used to dread going to the gym, but with CrossFit every day is a new challenge and I love it!

Sylvain Gentile

The staff are all amazingly humble, motivating and entertaining!

Crossfit580 has provided a space that has pushed the limits of my body and mind to levels I haven't hit since high school (and higher). The staff are all amazingly humble, motivating and entertaining. As time goes on, Crossfit580 has made working out feel more like hanging out with a community of kindred spirits.

Thanks Kaitlyn, Steve, Jessica, Mark and Katy for making the experience hurt so good.

Angelo Taylor

Don’t wait any longer to start your fitness journey!

Been coaching here for the last 2+ years and love every moment of it! The owner's are great and we have a tremendous community! Don’t wait any longer to start your fitness journey!

Steven Pachan
Head Coach / Director of Athlete Success